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Download and Play Winning Eleven 9 with English Commentary Today

but the real neat feature, which i didn't notice until i'd got over the fact i'd been playing a completely different game on my ds, is that your stats on the main menu's options screen instantly update if you play with no internet connection. this helps pave the way for making the (as i mentioned earlier) imminent real-world release of the psp incarnation.

winning eleven 9 english commentary - winning

if you've been playing previous versions of we9 (dreamcast, ps2) you'll feel right at home, as they share much of the same look and feel. yet, at a glance there are subtle differences. the player models and the kits are slightly more dynamic, the stadiums are grander and the players' stats are more up to date (in other words, the epl has proper official licensees now). the sound is more atmospheric, while the commentary is more on the witty side, and the more generic konami attempts at humour have been cut altogether. that's not really a bad thing, of course, and the competent storytelling which pervades the english-language version also rubs off on the more die-hard japanese audience. the problem is that getting to such a strong representation of the world's most popular sport was never going to be easy.

the story of five little people's journey across the great, open road and back is cleverly scripted, with some amazing twists for the less astute (and if you're that clever, you probably won't be reading my conclusion). it's witty, it's endearing and it's deeply moving, and is brilliantly translated to fit the specific needs of the novel. the mobile designer's tale, meanwhile, is swift, smooth and fresh. the characterisation of every single person is so well honed that you'll find yourself hoping for more space for that lone parent to show up in the strip-lit pubs of london, or for one of the boys to accidentally get turfed out of the house for misbehaving. if the girl with the dragon tattoo was snappy and witty, then tattoo is downright engrossing. if you like mysteries, this is one for you - you might even try re-reading it. at the end of tattoo, we see the real aftermath of the damage inflicted on the children in st dunstans. it's all too real, and too unalterable, and it's often terribly cruel, so this time i won't tell you to avoid this one.

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