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The King Of Fighters Maximum Impact 2

  • Alba's brother. He and Alba escaped the orphanage they lived at and were adopted by Fate. They both sought and avenged his death. Soiree is the more laid-back and carefree of the two and tries to help Alba in any way he can. He encounters Jivatma, but is incapacitated by visions of Judeim and is captured by the Addes organization. The Charmer: With an added dash of Chivalrous Pervert. Watch how he tries to woo Luise by asking her to dance with him. She tries to avoid him, but his charisma is so electric that she can't help but be amused by him.

  • Dance Battler: Uses Capoeira like Bob Wilson and Richard Meyer.

  • Fun Personified

  • Handsome Lech (to most female fighters) "Whoa... hey there baby! This could be my lucky day!"

  • Hot-Blooded: He's not as bad as the likes of Joe or Ralf, but Soiree definitely has his days.

  • Humanoid Abomination: Is one half of the being known as Judeim.

  • Left Hanging: When last seen Soiree had fallen into the hands of Jivatma who intended to revive Judeim through him. With a sequel nowhere in sight, his final fate may never be known.

  • Ki Manipulation: Although his attacks give off the appearance of wind attacks, it's just your everyday Pure Energy.

  • Pretty Boy

  • Meaningful Name: Aside of the "different as night and day" theme between his name and Alba's, a soiree is also a social gathering or party, usually formal and held at night. Soiree's showboating and his "Well, well, the main attraction!" intro line may be meant to reflect this.

  • Mystical White Hair: Averted, unless you factor in his extraterrestrial origins.

  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: See Alba's entry.

  • Sibling Yin-Yang: Yang to Alba's Yin.

  • Tattoo as Character Type: See Alba's entry above.

  • Walking Shirtless Scene

The King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2

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They're probably right, to be honest. Speaking purely in terms of the game's mechanics, for all I know it's rubbish. I love SNK and their fighters - especially King of Fighters - but I could never really call myself an expert or anything. As with almost all fighting games, I just love the style and feel of them, with no real interest in playing online or raising my game in particular outside of the most basic "learn the special move commands" stuff. I'm basic. I just like the characters. My sweet boy, Iori. Basically, I'm not one to tell you about framedata, or roman cancels, or quint-reversed kicksteps. I'm not even sure if I made one of those up. I'm here because I like King of Fighters.

Many of said costumes are unlocked by playing the rather excellent Challenge mode, which has you taking on missions such as kicking the absolute arse off a car, then defeating the eponymous Metal Slug tank in hand-to-hand combat. Progressing gradually unlocks alternate "colours" for your character, many of which are simply the aforementioned extra costumes. It's extremely rewarding when your bonus content is as niche as this, given how few people will play Maximum Impact 2 who aren't already SNK die-hards. As well as the unlockable costumes, there are also plenty of extra playable characters to find - B. Jenet from Mark of the Wolves, come on down! - for a not-too-shabby total of 38 fighters.

>> Mayor Leffingwell: I can't do that.>> I don't know if that's possible. No?>> Mayor Leffingwell: Who's the other person who signed up who wanted to speak? Come on down. Are you signed up? All right. Give us your name. Come up to the mic and tell me your name.>> Roger cobin.>> Mayor Leffingwell: All right. So you have three minutes.>> Thanks, council members for the opportunity to speak on the hotel zsa zsa project. I am-- oh, boy, here we go. I'm roger covin. I'm a downtown resident at the plaza since 2002. Former president of the downtown austin association and a former member of the citizens advisory task force for the comprehensive plan. I'm here to express support for the density and mix of uses that this project would bring, but to express some concerns about the parking. This is my view from my balcony at the plaza lofts and I am showing this because I want to note that I am not one of the plaza lofts owners who is directly affected by the proposed building that would go up on the south side o the plaza. However, I am on record stating I'd welcome a tall, mixed-use, dense building blocking this view. One of the stated goals of the city is to shift modes of transportation away from single occupancy vehicles over to more transit biking and walking. I should note that this guadalupe-lavaca corridor where this project would be located has a walk score of 95, bike score of 92 and, in addition to that, we'll be getting metro rapid. It will also be getting possibly urban rail. The fixed route buses currently on congress will be moved to the guadalupe-lavaca corridor. Also, the airport flyer will take people from downtown to the airport in 25 minutes, currently does, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. So bottom line is that this corridor is going to be possibly the best-served corridor of any in austin, and this location will be the best-served by transit. So given that, why do we-- why are we faced with 492 parking spaces? Well, you might say that more parking the better. But studies show that's not true. Studies show that the city's goal of shifting mobility modes is-- would be undermined by having lots of residential parking. Policies that limit parking shift peoples' mobility modes over to more alternative modes. As a matter of fact, in san francisco, they've adopted a .75 parking space per unit-- per residential unit limit maximum because they recognize the facts of that study. So the bottom line is--[05:08:33]

[Applause]>> for those of you that don't know, ask me local 1624 represents the city of austin employees as well as some county employees here in the travis county area. And obviously, it's a huge part of who I am. Not only as an elected official but as a former city employee and the president of the austin fire fighters union, local 1624 is now my union. I'm a february member of their organization and I look to their leadership to continue defending, protecting, and fighting for our city workforce and the issues that are near and dear to them. This past fall a major milestone was accomplished when the citizens adopted civil service for our civilianloyees, something that's very rare in this part of the country. But it speaks very well of austin that we are very a present aggressive city and we care about our workforce. So I want to present a proclamation. And I'm not sure who's going to speak. Greg, is that you? I'll have you come. Be it known that whereas, achieving just cause protection for city of austin workers has been an enduring goal of avs me local 1624-- and whereas, following a vigus campaign by afsme and the vote for fairness coalition, the voters approved civil service for civilian employees. They have 45 years of experience in and dedicating to promoting and defending the civil rights of city employees, thus making the union and the workers they represent major stakeholders in the outcome and implementation of the civil service system, and whereas we contact international as it sells the 75th anniversary of its-- celebrate the 75th anniversary of its founding that have jim proved working conditions for city employees. I lee leffingwell mayor of the city of austin, texas, proclaim FEBRUARY 18th, 2013, AFSME OF Austin, texas.[06:27:40]

[Applause] thanks. I don't know if all the members of our audience had an opportunity to say this, but did I submit a question to staff asking how many projects and transactions had come in in excess of $100 million, and the answer is very, very of them. They researched it back to 1996, and apologies for those who have seen it I'm going to bore you by going through some of it in great detail, but it illustrates concerns about setting that value that high. The stp purchase was $855 million. If we go down, though, to stp capital improvements, 130,000. In time, the largest yearly amount was 16 million ftp improvements. 103 million. The largest yearly amount, 15 million. Almost none of these would interest triggered the $100 million mark and I think that is a real, real problem. [Applause] so, again, I won't atome make a friendly amendment tonight except to say we have got to address that number in the ordinance and it has got to come way down. In thinking about some of the questions people have raised, is there a problem and, if so,-- is there a problem, and i wouldn't agree there is one, and I appreciate the euc has made this recommendation five times in the past. They've made some other recommendations which I didn't agree either. One was the rate proposal. People have pointed out the euc heard the same concerns we did about the very high impact this is going to have on churches, on schools, on individual residents, and they have the concerns and the majority of them on a 4-3 vote sent that on without making any substantial changes. It wasn't until we got here and the people accountable, directly accountable to the public, this can't stand. We need to make some changes and we did and I think-- I think that was appropriate and I think that needs to continue to happen. , So I appreciate that you've preserved rate making as on of the council options, but, again, one of the things that council will maintain authority over. I'll mention again just one other decision that happened in recent years. We had something come to us, and I think this, too, needs to be a consideration as we move towards a dollar amount under which would be approach rapt for a board to make-- appropriate for a board to make decisions. We had an item come to us about a year and a half ago, lam $1 million land purchase around sand hill. The euc had recommended, it as i recall. It came to us in or work session, we had a very brief discussion. And heed a few questions about the rationale for purchasing it. The item was withdrawn and never returned there may be a very good rationale for purchasing it, but a board evail waited that, it was a decision and as a council we asked additional questions that that was pulled for additional research and it hasn't come back to us. I think we play a very critical role, we're directly accountable to the people and I'm very, very concerned about turning this over to an unelected group of people.[08:11:34] 041b061a72

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