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Where To Buy One Day Travel Card London

Where To Buy One Day Travel Card London >>>>>

Where To Buy One Day Travel Card London

You can use a Travelcard in the zones it's valid for. Make sure it covers all the zones you travel through. If not, you need to add pay as you go credit to your Oyster card or buy an extension ticket.

A Travelcard, in the zones it's valid for, gives you unlimited travel at any time on bus, Tube, Tram, DLR, London Overground, Elizabeth line and National Rail services in London. You can use it on all buses, and if valid in zones 3, 4, 5 or 6, on all trams. Travelcards can start on any day.

Consecutive 2 and 3 day Travelcards are available in the shop, however, you may need multiple 1 day Travelcards for non-consecutive travel dates. In this case please see the below guidance for adding multiple Travelcards to your order:

To help you with your travel planning and budgeting, we've laid out the best ticket options (and how much they cost*) for your time in London. Pay daily, buy a weekly Travelcard, or read on to see how you can explore London with ease by choosing our London Pass + Travel option.

If you only need to use public transport for a day or two of your trip, TFL's (Transport for London) day pass with a price cap is all you need to know about. It's priced as a one day travel pass. Tap in using your bank card as much as you wish throughout the day and you'll never be charged more than the below daily prices.

From Kew to Kensington, there are attractions to be discovered throughout London. Purchasing the London Pass + Travel option will allow you to discover over 90 attractions, plus enjoy unlimited travel on a Visitor Oyster card for the duration of your pass meaning you get more return on your pounds than the regular travel card prices offer. Save on sightseeing and get around the city with ease!

Although with a Travelcard you have unlimited journeys for a flat fee, the price you pay for your Travelcard is determined by the fare zones you want to travel in. The more fare zones you want covered, the more expensive the Travelcard.

Use our links below to see the London price zone maps for both the Underground and Rail network. You will be able to clearly see the zones marked across the map and then look where your station of interest sits within which zone. This is an easy way to work out the potential price of travel in London, by looking at the places you want to visit and seeing which London zone they sit within.

If you buy Travelcards from anywhere else, including Underground and DLR stations, 1 day Travelcards come on a card, but all other Travelcards come loaded on an Oyster card. Children between 11 and 17 years require an Oyster ID Photocard to buy Travelcards at concession fare rates for 7 day durations or longer. Adults do not need photo ID.

Children's Travelcards are half the price of the adult rates shown above. Children need an Oyster 11-15 P hotocard to obtain these child rates. Children under 11 travel free on buses, Underground, DLR and Overground

Travelcards are a flat rate travel pass where you have unlimited rides in the selected zones for the time period purchased. You can use your travelcard across the London Network (with a few exceptions), so the travelcard covers your complete travel for a set time period and for a set fee paid up front.

A good example is the daily Oyster/Contactless payment cards price cap is less than the cost of a 1 day Travelcard, so travel over one day is cheaper. Over longer periods Travelcards can work out cheaper depending on your travel. For instance a 7 Day Travelcard is less expensive than an Oyster or Contactless payment card if you travel 3 or more times each day for 6 days or more in a 7 day calendar period.

This is a detailed area and can be confusing, so we created a dedicated page Comparing Travelcards and Oystercards, this page looks in detail at the difference between a travelcard, Oystercard and contactless payment cards to help you find the best fit for your visit.

Most visitors will just travel in the central zones 1

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