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Jvc Gc A50 Drivers For Mac REPACK

Go to JVC's web site and see if they offer any drivers for this camera that would allow you to download to your Mac. Otherwise you will need to go on Google and see if any 3rd party drivers are available for your Mac otherwise your Camera may be in that Black Hole where JVC or none of the 3rd party Open Software folks have found it not worth jacking with. This happens a lot with older Cameras and Printers they just don't seem to follow up on there equipment.

Jvc Gc A50 Drivers For Mac

That said, nearly all miniDV camcorders (including JVC miniDV cams) transfer video via Firewire (aka iLink or IEEE 1394), not USB. And no drivers are required, at least not on a Mac. If you have a more recent Mac that has a Thunderbolt port (no Firewire port), you can use an Apple Thunderbolt-Firewire adapter to connect your camcorder to your Mac (although you may also need a 4-pin to 9-pin FW cable).

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