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1899 Season 1 Complete Pack

Netflix has canceled the major sci-fi series 1899 after just one season. The series hailed from creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, who were also the minds behind another hit Netflix series, Dark. 1899 and Dark shared the taste for mysterious storylines that kept the audience guessing at every turn. 1899 focused on the crew and passengers aboard the Kerberos ship and the dark secrets that connect their journey to recently disappeared ship, the Prometheus.

1899 Season 1 Complete Pack

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1899 co-creator Baran bo Odar announced on Instagram that Netflix chose not to move forward with a second season for the show. Bo revealed the news with a joint-statement penned by him and co-creator Jantje, starting with how sorry they were that Netflix chose not to renew the show, meaning 1899 season 2 won't be able to unravel the mystery set up by 1899's season 1 finale. The co-creator of the series also explained that the original plan was for 1899 to tell its twists and turns through three seasons, the same as Netflix's Dark. The statement concludes with a thank you directed at 1899's fans, with the creators noting the impact the news would have on millions. Check out the full announcement below:

There were many theories about what a possible 1899 season 2 could have looked like. Season 1 of the dark show started off by offering doses of horror as the crew and passengers of the Kerberos found the missing Prometheus ship adrift on the sea. 1899's ending explained that the events of the entire season took place inside a simulation created by protagonist Maura, who didn't remember any of it. The sci-fi twist was revealed to be tied to Maura's wish to have a place to be with her son, Elliot. 1899 revealed that Elliot was suffering from a serious illness back in the real world, possibly even dying from it, when Maura transferred her son's conscience to the virtual time loop reality she created.

1899's season 1 finale ended by having Maura finally remember her past and decide to wake up from the virtual reality she had created. 1899's Prometheus ship was actually a spaceship, as Maura woke up in the finale and found out that the remaining crew and passengers from the Kerberos were asleep in pods around her. The audience discovers that Maura's onboard the Project Prometheus spaceship, in the year 2099, with an outside shot showing the ship floating through space. 1899's ending presented season 2 with the opportunity to have Maura trying to understand if she's in the real world or another simulation orchestrated by her brother Cirian, who was revealed to be the one controlling the previous Kerberos simulation.

1899 is another major series not to be renewed in Netflix's recent trend of canceling big shows. Subscribers have taken to social media numerous times in the past couple of years to call for Netflix to rethink the cancelation of a few projects. The fantasy series Warrior Nun getting canceled by Netflix was the most recent example of the streamer's trend, before 1899 met the same fate. On Warrior Nun's case, Netflix did even worse, with audiences taking to social media to claim the streamer wanted the show to fail, given Netflix barely promoted the release of Warrior Nun season 2. 1899 didn't have that problem, as the creators behind the show had a previous working relationship with Netflix through the popular show Dark, but even the good marketing and the new show's great ratings couldn't keep 1899 from getting canceled.

Though it didn't have quite the same high profile as the new season of Stranger Things or the premiere of Wednesday, 1899 still ranked late last year as one of the most-anticipated new genre projects on Netflix. The new supernatural mystery series from the creators of the international hit Dark had plenty of memorable imagery in its trailers, along with a sense of looming secrets waiting to be unearthed. Now, after just one season, the journey is over.

1899 creators Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese confirmed on Instagram Monday that Netflix has declined to renew the show, dropping the option to continue it for two more seasons as its creators envisioned. The news comes less than two months after 1899 premiered on the streamer.

1899 season 2 is not setting sail. Netflix has canceled its first show of 2023, which comes as a big surprise. The supernatural mystery was seemingly a big hit that vaulted to No. 1 on the Netflix Top 10 list, where it spent a fair bit of time.

1899 came from the creators of the German series Dark. Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese once again crafted a story with elements of science fiction, mystery, suspense and psychological drama. The big ensemble cast of characters, whose back stories are revealed in flashbacks, has shades of Lost. And a big twist in the season 1 finale definitely bears similarities to Westworld.

If 1899 season 2 had gone forward (perhaps it could've been subtitled 2099?), it likely would've further explored the nature of reality, as well as grief, trauma and human connection. Season 1 began on a seafaring vessel. Season 2 might have spent most of the time on the spaceship revealed in the finale. Then again, that spaceship could have been a similation, too.

1899's ending revelation resolves many underlying mysteries but undermines season 1's character development - here is how season 2 can avoid treading the same path. There is a lot to unravel in 1899's initial episodes since the series brings one mystery after another to the table. Just like it does with the passengers of its central ship, Kerberos, 1899 puts the patience of its audience to the test by giving no absolute answers to its torrent of questions. Fortunately, 1899 does not disappoint with its ending, which explains a lot by establishing that everything from its character backstories to its middle-of-the-ocean setup was a part of a simulation.

While bringing a satisfying closure to 1899's first season's pandora's box of mysteries, this climactic revelation also introduces a new wave of potential plot points for 1899 season 2. 1899's ending, where its protagonist Maura escapes her simulation and wakes up in a spaceship called Prometheus, also makes one wonder whether the series is still harping on its loopy simulation narrative device or heading in a new direction with its outer space setting. The hope that 1899 season 2 will answer these nagging questions makes its prospect all the more exciting. On the downside, though, 1899 season 1's finale twist seems to spell trouble for its future character development.

1899's closing Prometheus twist makes room for many possible stories in season 2. Contrarily, since it establishes that almost nothing in season 1's storyline is real, it hardly leaves any room for speculation surrounding its future. Even 1899's individual character arcs, which have fully fleshed out backstories by the end of season 1, seem meaningless as it is likely that they, too, were only part of the simulation and had nothing to do with the real lives of the characters.

Owing to this, it almost feels like 1899's season 1 takes a step back towards its ending instead of making progress with its character arcs. Although 1899's writers could draw some connective threads between future character narratives and the ones in season 1, the first season's Prometheus reveal makes the characters look one-dimensional despite having so much time invested in their histories. If the Netflix sci-fi TV show's season 2 continues season 1's complex simulation-inside-a-simulation narrative structure without adding any concrete elements to individual character arcs and world-building, it could crumble under the weight of its own ambitious ideas.

Instead of creating another faux web of mysteries that only drip-feed the climactic resolution, 1899 season 2 can switch lanes by portraying how its central characters handle the perils of a simulation while being well aware of its unreal nature. By doing so, it can maintain a consistency of themes between seasons 1 and 2 without giving its characters an unsteady ground to stand on. Or, while still exploring the skewed nature of human perception and reality through simulations, 1899 season 2 can give viewers a glimpse of real character backstories to make their struggles more relatable.

Considering how the brilliant brains behind Netflix's time-travel series Dark, Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, are at 1899's helm, the Netflix sci-fi drama will likely find new ways to captivate audiences in its future seasons. It took Dark two seasons to find its feet, so it is possible that 1899 only needs more time to unveil the emotional core of the stories it wishes to tell. Not to mention, the fact that bo Odar and Friese have already planned three seasons for 1899 (via Indiewire) affirms that all presumed blunders and plot holes from season 1 will probably make sense towards the show's finale.

However, 1899's fantastic storyline, outstanding acting, and the renowned setting that once contributed to Dark's success instead confirm the film's greatness, its ability to stand on its own, and its potential for a few more upcoming seasons in the future. Fans of the show can pass the time by viewing these comparable ones while waiting for Netflix to approve 1899's second season.

Coal is to 1899 what nuclear power was to Dark- the background energy source that both powers the ship/town and threatens its long term survival. This is a climate change story, but you have to pay attention to see it, just as Dark was anti nuclear power, but that part of the story literally and figuratively faded to the background and further into metaphor over the seasons. 041b061a72

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