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DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation Download PC Game __LINK__

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DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation Download PC Game

When the game keeps advancing, the map picture will appear. By selecting the icon of any character that displayed on the map, it is possible to look at the event of that character in question. There are two maps exists in the game, [Town Map] and [Raizen High School Map]. Go back and forth in the two maps and searches for the heroine you would like to invite for a date.

That's it! Now sit back and relax - we will notify you by email when the game's price in the official PlayStation Store drops. Also check all currently available deals in 'Discounts' section and don't forget to download PS Deals iOS app

Access the map screen in order to progress the game. Select character icons along the map to trigger events corresponding with main and sub-characters. Switch between the Raizen and Town Maps to find a heroine to take on a date!Each day brings a chance to unlock new events and CGs with every main and sub-character. Time is limited, though, so choose how you spend it wisely! 041b061a72

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