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WhatSender Pro 6.2 Full Version Free Download - FileCR

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whatsapp bulk sms sender cracked version of 44

We have 8400+ customers using our bulk sender software, 600+ companies purchased for multiple pc licenses, we have 200+ affiliate resellers, our software is used across worldwide and currently 100+ countries are actively using it since 2018.

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software that allows users to send text, images, videos, pdf, documents in bulk with a single click. Either customer contacts are saved or unsaved you can send bulk whatsapp messages without loosing your valuable time for manual work like saving contacts first then send 5 at a time.

With bulk sender software you are able to send 1000s of messages in just doing single click. WhatsApp Software will automate the whole process and send bulk whatsapp sms automatically one by one to entire imported contacts list of software. You will have option to set delay time between sending of each messages in software settings, so you can be safe from blocking by whatsapp company.

Bulk Whatsapp Sender comes with Anti Blocking System, so that chances of number blocking is very rare. You have to keep in mind some important information for 100% safety of your whatsapp account. For more details visit official website. Software is very easy to use and by using this software you can generate lots of leads for your business, do branding & promotion. Visit for more details:


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