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Beach Hairstyles Prom

10. Can you believe French tips (aka the prom manicure) is coming back in style? (For our thoughts on this resurgence, please look to the unfortunate face K-Cav is making in the crappy still we screen-grabbed.)

beach hairstyles prom

18. Jan, the manager at the Surf & Sand Resort, is totally down with renting a suite ($700 for the night, which "sounds fabulous" to Lo), because they promise not to have a dance party and Lo says they are "trustworthy." Has the "Sure, Jan" meme ever been so necessary?

30. At the beginning of the episode, Lauren says in a voice-over that she is really going to miss her friends when they all go off to college and expresses fears over them all drifting apart. 15 years later, she's still close with most of the LB gang, even though most of them left their small beach town.

Yes, even short hair can rock this beach wave look! In fact, giving your bob haircut relaxed curls is just as pretty for every day as it is for a dressier occasion. We love the way they help this inverted bob to frame the face.

Nothing can go wrong with a half-up bun hairstyle. It is stylish, easy to achieve, and saves an oily hair day. Use a flat iron to achieve the most perfect-looking beach waves and wrap around half of the tresses in a bun sitting on the top. There you go!

Long beach waves actually look great with face-framing bangs. If your bangs are long, cut them longer on the tops of the cheekbones so they blend effortlessly into the rest of the hair. The wispy texture suits the vibe of the rest of the hairstyle.

Short beach waves can make you look glamorous! Lobs are so fresh and popular these days. They also happened to look great worn straight or with a delicious texture. This rather neat style suddenly becomes laid back with tousled, sun-kissed locks.

Crochet weaves are rather easy to incorporate into your look. Choose an artful bob or long locks to suit your preferred style. We love crochet hairstyles because they are easy enough to apply at home.

Jessica Alba's wavy half-up, half-down 'do has a casual feel that's equal parts beachy and romantic. If your hair has a natural wave, skip the hot tools and let it air dry or quickly defuse it, says Savone. Or you can create waves by spritzing a sea salt spray onto dry hair and scrunching strands, he notes. To complete the look, twist two small sections of hair on either side of your face and secure them at the back of your head. Leave the ends out and secure with bobby pins.

We have the expertise to recommend hairstyles that will suit you perfectly. From short, chic bobs to pixie cuts and cute cropped styles to layered looks for longer hair, hairstyles with fringes and more!

Our stylists are highly trained and experienced in cutting and styling hair. We can create a wide range of looks including short chic haircuts, mid-length styles, bobs and lobs, and long hairstyles for women. We also offer a haircutting and styling service for men. 350c69d7ab

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